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T and B Water Trucks Organic Optimization Case Study

T and B Water Trucks in Rialto, California sells high quality, custom fabricated water trucks and water tank equipment to clients locally and nationally. They have been in business for over a quarter century, and have a stellar reputation for the quality of their work from their customers.  However, their online presence has lagged behind the curve, which has caused them to suffer from limited exposure in the vast and ever-expanding digital marketplace.

Section I - The Problems with T and B’s Search Engine Optimization

When Building Bridge was retained in October 2015 to rebuild and optimize the T and B website(1), the company’s existing web site lacked the foundational aspects of organic search engine optimization, including:
  • Meta titles, descriptions, keyword specific headers, alt text image titles, and the keyword research needed to structure and compose each page in an organically searchable manner.
  • High quality content that contained applicable keyword phrases
  • Strategic in-site links to keep visitors on the site longer, resulting in a lot of ‘one and done’ visitors
The lack of these SEO fundamentals made T and B practically invisible in the organic rankings. Specifically, the website did not rank anywhere in the top 50 for any organically searched industry applicable keyword phrases.

Section II - Work Performed on the T and B Website Between October 2015 - October 2016:

We were only allotted 4 hours for this project every month. Therefore, the entire website took almost a year to complete. During that time, we:
  1. Performed extensive competitor and keyword research to determine what their competition was doing to be organically searchable. This included generating a keyword research list with organically searchable keyword phrases, and average monthly search numbers to help us strategically decide the combinations of keywords to use for each page
  2. Crafted meta titles and meta descriptions for each page using the keywords from our research list
  3. Crafted keyword specific coded headers based on the meta titles and descriptions
  4. Created high quality static page literary content to fill the pages
  5. Created strategic in-site links to keep visitors on the site longer, and to help reduce the bounce rate
  6. Created keyword specific alt text image title tags for all site images with the keywords from our research list that match the keywords and subject matter on each page
Special Circumstances: Due to our hours allotment, the last two site pages, the vacuum trucks and water tenders pages, were not completed until September/October of 2016. Therefore, the following data isn't an accurate indicator of the entire website’s potential organic visibility, but only the portions that were completed late 2015 and early/middle 2016.

Section III - Website Optimization Results

The optimization work we performed between October 2015 and October 2016 has yielded the following results (2). Regarding the website’s organic searchability:
  • A 92.74% increase in organic traffic resulting from search engine initiated keyword searches
  • A 95% increase in new users resulting from search engine initiated keyword searches
  • For Google specifically, a 112.50% increase in organic searchability for the keywords the website now utilizes
Regarding visitor (or user) website behavior overall:
  • A 52.53% increase in authentic, individual users
  • A 69% increase in page views during user sessions
  • A 12.75% decrease in bounce rate during user sessions
  • ​A 26.26% increase in session duration (or total amount time spent during each visit)
T and B currently has 22 industry applicable, organically searched keywords ranking in the top 50 for all websites in the United States (3), including:
  • Custom Water Trucks                   #1
  • Water Truck Repair                        #1
  • Water Truck Tanks California       #2
  • Water Truck Manufacturer           #3
  • Water Truck Manufacturers         #3
  • Water Trucks California                #3
  • Water Truck Suppliers                  #3
  • Water Truck Mfg                            #4
  • Water Truck Builders                    #4
  • Pumps Water Trucks                    #6
  • Water Truck Tank Kits                  #8
  • Water Tank Kits                            #10
  • Water Truck Parts                        #10

These numbers demonstrate a huge increase in both search engine visibility and search engine ranking of the T and B website based on the only target variable: The organic search engine optimization work we have performed on the site exclusively. Furthermore:

  • The Fire Tenders (#22) and Water Tenders (#22) page was created in September 2016. Despite the fact it is only two months old, it already ranks in the top 25 of all competing pages/sites across the entire internet

These figures clearly demonstrate the potential and power of organically optimizing a website. We are confident, and based on these results, that had the entire site been optimized at once instead of spread out over the past year, these numbers would be higher across the board.

Section IV - T and B Maintenance Suggestions

Now that we have completed the organic foundation of T and B’s website, our maintenance recommendations for this business are:
  1. Building out its e-commerce section, which focuses on selling high quality water truck and tank parts. This includes e-commerce SEO that uses specific keywords to help Google recognize and recommend these parts when a potential customer searches for a distributor online. This will also help with overall organic SEO rankings, since we are adding more applicable keywords to the website.
  2. Targeted social media marketing campaigns, specifically on Youtube and Facebook, advertising and sharing information about what makes T and B superior to other water truck and tank manufacturers. This will help drive customers to the site, which will increase traffic
  3. Interacting in applicable chat rooms, or on industry specific sites, where the business owner can share his expertise with others, and then use that platform as a natural advertisement for the website and business

​These maintenance suggestions will help T and B reach the right customers. This will increase traffic to the website, which will help increase search engine rankings. It will also enhance the potential for increased revenue through direct sales.

Case Study References

1. http://www.tandbwatertrucks.com
2. All Statistical Analytics Data Courtesy of Google Analytics
3. All Keyword Ranking Data Courtesy of MOZ Tracking Systems